Creating Art for
Mental Health

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Mental Health Crisis

of U.S. adults reported
struggling with
mental health in June, 2020

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Our Solution

artworks sold so far that
have supported
mental health nonprofits


Our Mission

Launching in the January 2022!
The Giving Gallery is a platform for artists to sell their
art in partnership with leading mental health charities. We believe artists play a critical role in raising awareness about mental health.

Our Partners

We partner with leading mental health charities. A portion of every art sale supports their mental health programs and resources.

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Artist Testimonials

Our community of artists are passionate about creating art that gives back and raises awareness about mental health.

"Art saved my life"

"I draw because it helps my anxiety, and I want my art to contribute to suicide prevention programs"

- Kay Lipp, Artist

"I am an artist and advocate"

"I am a conceptual photographer passionate about raising awareness about mental health"

- Diana Chao, Conceptual Photographer

"Meaningful Messages"

"I am passionate about the ways in which art can facilitate conversations about the human experience"

- Remy Coutarel, Illustrator