Our Mission

At The Giving Gallery we are focused on leveraging the power of art and artists to give voice to mental health, trauma, and healing. The story of the artist and the art itself can serve as a powerful tool – to raise awareness about topics that are forgotten, stigmatized, or misunderstood.

When we combine this mission with our partnerships with mental health charities, we hope to open doors for artists and buyers to learn more about mental health.

The Platform

The Giving Gallery is an online platform for artists to sell their art in partnership with leading mental health charities. Art sale proceeds are split between the artist and a mental health charity.

Mental Health Partners

We partner with leading mental health charities who are developing innovative mental health and suicide prevention resources.

Let's get creative with mental health.

It Started with a Box of Crayons

Amanda was a patient at a psychiatric hospital during her freshman year of college. A nurse gave her a box of crayons, which opened the door for conversation and healing. After Amanda was discharged, she began auctioning her art to raise funds for youth suicide prevention programs. This led to building The Giving Gallery, so other artists could have a place to sell their art and connect with mental health organizations.

The Team

We are a passionate group of mental health advocates, researchers, and artists.


Amanda is an artist and social entrepreneur. Amanda serves on Google’s Mental Health Advisory Panel, and is a member of the Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Committee (ISMICC) created by Congress to advise on federal mental health policy. Amanda previously served over 10 years at the state and national level of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She graduated from the University of California, Davis. 

Director of Research

Julia is a UCLA undergraduate student pursuing a major in psychobiology and planning to graduate in Fall of 2020. She plans to pursue a Ph.D in Behavioral Neuroscience after graduation. She is interested in the neural pathways underlying neuropsychiatric disorders, particularly mood disorders, as well as studying drug development to treat them.

Director of Design

Diana Chao is a Princeton undergraduate student and first-generation Chinese-American immigrant from southern California. Diana founded Letters to Strangers (L2S) when she was a sophomore in high school after bipolar disorder nearly ended her life. Today, L2S is the largest global youth-for-youth mental health nonprofit, impacting over 35,000 people on six continents.

Director of Marketing

After spending a year working in New York and exposed to marketing for nonprofit brands and startups, Linda continues to help businesses to connect heart-beating people they’re trying to help and communicate their understanding back to them. Linda has a huge passion for the art of visual storytelling, whether that be through drawing, painting, sculptures, performance arts, illustrations, photographs, or motion pictures.

Advisory Board

Scott Syphax

CEO of Syphax Strategic Solutions, former chairman of The Nehemiah Companies, and executive producer and host of PBS KVIE Public Television.

Joanne Crawford

Former Director of Marketing for
Nestle with over 30 years’ experience in strategy and public affairs.

Shiney Sparks

An entrepreneur, author, and
mentor. Shiney was a mentor for the UCSF Mental Health Hackathon

Technology Partners

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