Wellness through creativity

We are a creative community:

The Giving Gallery partners with artists who are passionate about art and raising awareness about mental health. Artists build their very own online Giving Gallery Shop of artwork they wish to sell.

Through partnerships with mental health nonprofits, our mission is to elevate artists and offer a meaningful experience to give back while growing their art business.

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Featured Artist Stories

We love to feature artist stories about mental health and creativity 

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Selling your artwork

For every artwork purchased, artists receive 50% commission, a partnered mental health nonprofit (of the buyers choice) receives 30%, and The Giving Gallery receives 20% to further our mission. The Giving Gallery team helps facilitate the sale, working with the artist to package and ship the art to the buyer, to finally cutting the checks to nonprofit and artists!

  • Buyer pays sales tax, shipping, and payment processing fees.
  • We send artists a prepaid shipping label
  • Artist pays for art packaging.
  • Artist packages and ships the artwork to the buyer
  • Artist receives commission via PayPal, or check once the buyer successively receives the art

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