Non Profit Partners

A Meaningful Experience

The Giving Gallery offers a unique experience for people to buy artwork that supports both mental health nonprofits and passionate artists. For every art sale, 30% goes to a partnered mental health nonprofit of the buyer’s choice, 50% is the artist’s commission, and 20% furthers our creative mission. The idea is to give buyer’s choice of which mental health cause they wish to support. This is also an educational and awareness building experience, so buyers can learn more about mental health organizations when they come to shop for art.

Why Giving Matters

The benefits of giving are greatest when people support an organization with a mission that you feel a personal connection to. It has also been shown that giving and helping others has a wide range of benefits. Giving can boost your mood, and it’s also a way to express personal values. In terms of physical health, it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and fight off loneliness.

Mental Health Non Profit Partners

We partner with U.S.- based mental health charities who are on a mission to support individuals and families with their mental health. The Giving Gallery is more than just an art shop that financially benefits our artist and mental health partners. This platform is a movement, and serves as a creative bridge to bring together mental health organizations with a common mission.

Nonprofit Partnership Benefits

  • Donations from Art Sales

    • For every artwork sale, 30% goes to a partnered mental health charity of the buyer’s choice.
  • Engage your Network

    • This platform is an opportunity to engage the artists in your network to sell their art and share their voice with other artists.
  • Donor Engagement

    • Donors in your network get a creative and alternative way to support your nonprofit through buying art.
  • Brand Awareness

    • Artists are a huge network and market that can help raise awareness. We partner with our Giving Gallery artists to feature their artwork and help them promote their artwork. 

We Also Partner With Other Organizations

  • Non-profit
  • Academic institutions
  • Corporations
  • Small business
  • Healthcare provider
  • Treatment center

We’d love to hear from you and explore ways we can partner!

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